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What Paul Kinder and Troy Wray Won’t Tell You About Viral Mail Profits – But I Will!

I wanted to post a quick article to share my thoughts on Paul Kinder and Troy Wray‘s “Viral Mail Profits,” no doubt you received tons of emails about this last week. This is not a new program, I have been using it and recommending Viral Mail Profits for more than a year now. So why all of the hoopla last week? Well, they relaunched the system with some pretty major changes the make it an even more powerful tool to save you time and make you a lot more money.

But that is not necessarily what I want to share with you. I want to tell you what Paul and Troy will not, because although I wouldn’t say they are too humble, they are not going to pound their own chest because it might be mistaken for hype – it would really just be the truth … because Viral Mail Profits is AWESOME!

Easy to say, so let me list for you the top 5 reasons you should sign up today and start leveraging your time and maximizing the return on your efforts.

#1. Vial Mail Profits Allows You to Organize Your Safelist, Viral Mailers, and Downline Builder Accounts.

#2. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Manage Your Mailing Schedules – Never Miss Another Mailing!

#3. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Track Your Credits – Everything is in One Location.

#4. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Conduct Your Mailing From One Admin Panel – This Saves You Time.

#5. Viral Mail Profits Frees You From the Need to Log Into Multiple Sites Manually – This is Huge!

Join Free Here: Viral Mail Profits Free Offer

There is something else that is truly new and sets Viral Mail Profits apart from the rest, it’s the first ever “Direct Feedback Mailer.” The Direct Feedback Mailer is a credit based viral-mailer that builds a list almost on auto-pilot and it is completely free. The system is created to reward people to actually read your emails.

If you are a marketer and like making semi-passive residual commissions, there are really great benefits for you as well.

** Email at least 1,000 Prospects Every 5 days
** Email more prospects with a 3 level downline bonus
** 200 Free Mailing Credits monthly plus
** up to 50% commissions
** 200 Mailing Credits for joining too!

Paul and Troy have done a great job taking what was already a great time saving resource and making it a can’t miss, must join free program that you should take a look at today.

Once you have signed up up “Viral Mail Profits” send me a “Support Ticket” at and I will give you a valuable bonus advertising package!

Here is the link to SWAT Traffic:

Once you have signed up log into your S.W.A.T. Traffic account and submit a support request letting me know you wish to claim your “Viral Mail Profits VIP” traffic package.

If you already have a S.W.A.T. Traffic account, there is no need to re-join, just log in and submit your support ticket.

Bonus #1. Viral Mail Profits Promo Code to get you started.

Use Promo Code: launchhf518 for 500 Mail Credits!

Bonus #2. S.W.A.T. Traffic Package here is what you get:

** Website Credits 500
** Banner Credits 1000
** Text Ad Credits 1000!

This is a fantastic credit and traffic package and regardless of what you promote, we can always use more quality traffic and all the sites convert really well! These are two sites I use to grow my list and build my businesses. Once you have joined both sites and completed your campaigns, be sure to return here and post a comment for the benefit of our readers.

I would love to here your feedback and I know you will love the new and improved Viral Mail Profits as much as I do. It is saving me hours each day and 10′s of thousands of previously wasted mailing credits!

Have a blessed day and please let me know how I can help you grow your business.

P.S. You will see a very limited Lifetime Gold Founder Membership offer when you join. You can save over 86% on your upgrade and potentially build a list of thousands before the price goes up.

Join Viral Mail Profits Free

(c) Copyright 2008-2011 and Beyond James A. Holmes All Rights Reserved


James Holmes, Mentor, Coach and Trainer, combining online and offline techniques to help you grow your business. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at


Note: If you’d like to reprint this article on your blog or in your newsletter you have permission to do so as long as the copyright information and the resource box above remains with the article.


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