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Maryanne Myers Sites

Why join Maryanne Myers advertising sites?

I enthusiastically recommend that you join Maryanne’s site because they work, the list are very responsive and the clicks to conversion ratios have always been high for me when promoting to her list. All of he sites provide a ‘free option,’ but I suggest that you carefully consider upgrading in a few. The upgrade are usually a single pay lifetime membership under $50 at most sites which is a bargain.

Another great reason to join relates to your ability to earn fast and easy commissions by promoting your affiliate link to other viral marketing sites. People respond quickly by joining Maryanne’s sites as soon as they are launched. This means consistent commissions for you as you ride the wave of popularity these sites enjoy.

Here is a list of the sites I recommend along with a special link for you to join resulting in a special bonus package noted at the bottom of this page.

Maryanne Myers has been creating effective advertising sites since 1998

Best Sites to Join and Promote:


Social Safelist

Social Safelist has exploded on the scene adding 4264 in a short 186 days and continues to grow. Social marketing is hot and this is an amazingly effective social email system that converts to sales. In addition to the advertising and system mailer, you also will get a social profile page branded to you… share this to promote your profiles on Facebook and Twitter while passively promoting Social Safelist to earn referral commissions.

Learn more and join: Social Safelist Here


Log In Dollars (9011members since October 2011)

This site is design to allow you to advertise your websites and make money at the same time. Advertising options are available to you as a free member and you also are able to earn 20% commissions on upgraded members that you refer. This site is growing fast because it works.

Lear more and join: Login Dollars


Monster Moola (Opened June 24, 2010 4261 members as of January 1, 2012)

Leveraging your time is one of the keys to succeeding as an online marketer. The single biggest daily activity that I conduct is sending out mailings and posting my advertisements. Monster Moola allows you to post to 7 sites with one entry automatically including Green-E-List, Hot Spot Mailer, Revo List, Pro Cash Magnet, Super List Explode, Zoom Moola, and of course Monster Moola. In addition, you can rotate your banners on all 7 sites by entering them once.

What makes this site brilliant is that when you send out your email ads you will reach more than 68,000 members across seven sites with excellent conversion rates. Keep in mind, your banners will be in rotation 24/7 branding you or your business.

Learn more and join: Monster Moola


Moneylist Mania (10,107 members and growing)

This is a true rush on looking at this new email list site. This is viral, showing your ad to 15 levels, solid commissions, and you can do this – plus send email ads for nothing.

1. You do not have to visit tons of sites in order to email.
2. You can get your ad going viral immediately.
3. You can earn in minutes.

Learn more and join: Money List Mania


List Shock

List Shock Safelist Mailer

You can advertise through our highly responsive email system for FREE. YOUR ADS WILL HAVE CLICK STATS. Each email ad you receive and click on will give you virtual money, up to 20 cents. You use this money to send your own email ads.

There are two types of email ads that you can use; one is emailing to members in general, and the other is the SUPER BUNCH EMAIL which is the occasional email ad that actually consists of several member ads (limited to 200 characters for each one). Other members click on these and you receive traffic. These ads pay out a HIGH amount of virtual money so everyone is watching out for these valuable ads!

Learn more and join: List Shock Here


Dirt Cheap Mailer (3137 members and growing)

With no points or credits to gather, Dirt Cheap Mailer is a fast, super effective advertising tool to grab! You can mail to the entire membership for
only $13.97 (optional & for lifetime use), which is one of the cheapest mailers that has been offered to date.

You’ll be able to mail your email ad to thousands dirt cheap. If you’re advertising a site or program, then you know it’s worth it to get it seen by thousands of people.

Learn more and join: Dirt Cheap Mailer


Safelist Monster (4,478 members and growing)

With Safe-List-Monster you will see shorter ads, get laser focus on your ads and you’ll reach the people you want to signup to your websites! The viewing tool that you see above shows the latest email ads, an excerpt from them, website thumbnails for them. So your ad will show on all referral and member pages, regardless of your membership type and your ads will be emailed to all members who have opted in.

This is simple, straight forward email advertising that will get you visitors – fast. Going back to 10+ years… safelists were just that: a safe list to email an ad to and nothing else.
This is following that original design. The benefit? Laser focus from other members.

This also shows your ad on all referral and member pages – using a never seen before tool.


Learn more and join: Safelist Monster


Mix N Match Cash (16,218 member and growing)

Maryanne Myers sends enormous traffic to this website, and our system will only promote those members with the slot for that day of the week, and those who hold a randomly pulled letter of the alphabet and number.

Give you an example? We use our 12 years of advertising force to send visitors to a special page. When a visitor is sent to this page (opens in a new window), it will “Mix N Match” a letter & a number to the current day and it’ll look for those members who own this “letter”, “number” and “day”.

So if the current day is “Sunday” and the system picked the letter “A” and the number “1″. It then looks for a member with that match. Since you already will own “Sunday”, letter “A” and “1″, it will grab your Mix N Match Cash page. This means when they signup and buy our MASSIVE advertising package, OR “letters” OR “days” (optional), you get the CASH for it! This is repeated cash over, and over and over again! Just join today and watch it grow. Other members have done it, so don’t wait another minute.

Learn more and join: Mix N Match Cash


List 67

Maryanne Myers List 67

Chat with other marketers on List67, send your email ads, get unlimited $67 payments FAST! You’ll get your text advertisements shown on the Instant Message and across the entire network. The List67 Connect tool (Instant Messenger) is so easy to use and it’s optional. You do not have to use it in order to advertise your websites on it (and the entire List67 network). All you need to do is be a member, that’s it! You will also get 500 ad slots (or credits) immediately when you join.

Learn more and join: List 67 Here


Hot Response Now (6,888 members and growing)

Want Responses to your Email Ads? Want a hot opportunity too? Want it RIGHT NOW? Hot Response NOW does it ALL!      Get Your Own Email List

  •      Get Your Own Autoresponder
  •      Email Your Ad to the master 87,319 Member Email List Every Week RESPONSIVE TO EMAIL ADS!
  •      Use our cloak url to protect your commissions ANY affiliate program you are in. (with statistics!)
  •      Email 6888 HRN Members Every 72 Hours
  •      Resell This & Get Split The Profits HOT!

Learn more and join: Hot Response Now


Hot Spot Mailer (20,528 members and growing. Site established May 11, 2009)

Maryanne builds many of the most popular list builders and list mailers on the internet and now we have came out with a brand new, fresh mailer for you to use for your advertising (and even make a few bucks with too)!

This is very simple, all you do is fill out a form with anything that you are trying to gain prospects for, and click the “send” button. Your ad will be sent to the entire membership. Those who choose to have it sent to their personal email box will have your ad sent there. Those who choose to have it sent to their Hot Spot Mailer email inbox, will have it sent to it instead.

Learn more and join: Hot Spot Mailer


Pro Cash Magnet

You can choose to get 100,000′s of visitors sent to your personal PRO CASH MAGNET referral page and make a lot more cash in the process. The system will send you traffic and all the signups are YOURS, and upgrades if they also join Pro Cash Magnet.!  You get to mail all members everyday. This is an awesome variation on the safelist mailer theme.

You get up to 100% commission on all referred upgrades! If you choose level 3 bonus traffic upgrade, your email ad is sent by us, everyday. Pro Cash Magnet automated system will take the task off your shoulders and do it for you.

Learn more and join: Pro Cash Magnet Here


List Wonder Extreme (9,735 members and growing)

This very unique FREE system will boost the response for all of your program & websites by using AN IN HOUSE EMAIL BOX and NOT your personal ISP email box.
Everyday List Wonder Extreme gets new subscribers and if you view at least 5 member advertisements in one day, you get all the day’s subscribers added to your email list and you can advertise your program/website to your entire list! (Subscribers are added at midnight eastern time daily).

It does not cost a dime to do this. You can email once a week direct from our server (no hassles!), earn as much as you like with us, and grow your email list so you can advertise your program/website to others. It’s that easy, no hidden tricks and you can do it right now.

Learn more and join: List Wonder Extreme

Trade A List (5,815 members and growing)

Maryanne owns all four list websites [ZoomMoola - 24591 members in realtime, Superlistexplode - 27656 members in realtime, Listwonderextreme - 9735 members in realtime, and Trade-A-List - 5815 members in realtime and the 5th that we do not own, BusinessWorldList - 91000+ members]. These sites are very unique list building sites. Trade-a-List has the ability to tap into any of the entire membership of each one [SLE, LWE, TAL] and send email to ALL of the members. So, everyday you can choose which one you would like to mail to, customizing your advertising. If one list does not respond well, trade to the other for a day [or longer].

This is a very effective way to tell others about your program/website as each day you will reach a different audience, but at the same time you can repeatedly show your offers. As they say, it takes multiple exposures of your offer before someone will pay attention to it!
YOU will get a quadruple prong of exposure to established email lists.

his was designed to work very easy for you. Once your signup (FREE), all you do is login and…
1) Pick the list that you want to send your ad to today.
2) Fill the form out with your ad for your chosen program (any program you affiliate with or own)
3) Click “send”.

Learn more and join: Trade A List

Innovave Email Advertising and Social Tool

You can send email ads (free and as often as you like!) using the mist up to date email formats. When you join, every member becomes your “friend” – this is a huge time saver! (No hunting them down & waiting for confirmations!)

Learn More and Join: Innovave

OIO Opportunities Income Online

This simple email advertising system will get your advertisement out to thousands of people. All you do is make your free account and get started. It works on a credit based system, but with a new difference: the more ads you click in a day, the bigger the amount of credits you will receive for each one. Each ad can net you up to 50 credits. One credit means your advertisement will go to one person. So if you received 1000 credits in an hour, you can send your ad to 1000 members.

Also, your email ads will show up in our special advertising boxes [see them on the right side]. They hold the last 4 ads that your emailed, and show up on your referral page.
Plus, your special ad box will also show on your new signups/referrals page and they can see it inside their members area! This equals easy, eye catching advertisements for visitors across the world.

Learn more and join: Opportunities Income Online


Marvel Mail E-Mail

I love when you have an opportunity to advertise and also earn money to reinvest into more advertising creating tremendous leverage, more traffic, conversions and sales. After you create your Marvel-E-Mail account, you will login. When you login, you will also login to your personalMarvel-E-Mail box that we have provided for you. The great thing about this is that we are providing email advertising AND the mailbox for the email ads.

You just click on the email headlines that other members have sent to your Marvel-E-Mail box. You EARN MONEY while doing it AND get more of your own email advertising credits to send your own email ads. Please read on… as the free benefits are further explained!

Learn more and join: Marvel-E-Mail


Blog My Site (21,885 members and growing)

Blogs are a new way to publish content and advertising to readers, instead of using email to inform their members of news or information. They are also used as diaries for personal thoughts, advertising, fan info, discussion, general news, etc. In the past year as people become familiar with the word “Blog”, what they are used for, and several websites popped up offering to host a free blog for anyone who wants one. This caused an explosion of blogs.

Blogs have RSS feeds, or news feeds inserted into their webpages. Those RSS feeds have constantly changing news being shown in which this make the search engines visit those pages – frequently. YOU WILL GET YOUR SITES LISTED IN SEARCH ENGINES MUCH FASTER WITH THIS. . It has real, constantly changing content, information, photo’s, links and news. If you have a link along with a short ad on those pages, the search engine will pick up your site and also count your links as valid, and they are valid!

Learn more and join: Blog My Site


Super List Explode (27,660 members and growing)

This works simply. This boosts response for all members program websites. Your email list will be built for you. Everyday we get new subscribers and if you view at least 5 member advertisements in one day, you get all the day’s subscribers added to your email list and you can advertise your program/website to your entire list! (Subscribers are added at midnight eastern time daily). It is very typical for our websites to gain hundreds, even over a thousand members, in one day alone. So you will see your email list suddenly explode like kernels of popcorn  and it’s all FREE! Join now and get all of today’s subscribers before they are GONE.

If you do not want to view 5 member ads, then just show others your personal Super List Explode page. When you get 1 signup – you get the days subscribers added to your email list. Get another signup the next day, that means you get the next days new subscribers added also. There is a 2nd benefit of showing others your personal page (it looks just like this). If any of your signups chooses to buy our affiliate builder – YOU get $10 each time!

Learn more and join: Super List Explode


Green E-List (11,338 members and growing)

G.E.L (Green E List) is amega mailer for you to use for your advertising (and even make a few bucks with too)! This is very simple, all you do is fill out a form with anything that you are trying to gain prospects for, and click the “send” button. Your ad will be sent to the entire membership. Those who choose to have it sent to their personal email box will have your ad sent there. Those who choose to have it sent to their G.E.L [Green E List] email inbox, will have it sent to it instead. ALSO…The subject line of your email ad will also show on MEMBER websites as soon as you send them! (Members who choose to copy and paste a code onto their website to earn more email advertising credits).

Learn more and join: Green E-List


Revolist (5,350 members and growing since September 14, 2009)

This list builder was built completely from what my members have told me recently. If you do not know, I have well over 100000 of them combined.
So this was built with all the most requested features of all of my list building sites. They were mashed into one revolutionary site (see the name “Revo”) List Builder).

You get a Pro-1 membership for *nothing* and that of course, that won’t last very long. We all build each others personal list. Without barely trying to do it.

You should get the Pro-1 membership ~pronto~ or you do not get all of todays subscribers added to your personal list to email your ads to. Really.

Learn more and join: Revolist


Click Get Paid (PTC Advertising Site)

You get free visitors to your sites or you can buy them once you log-in. All you do is look at other sites [AKA "surf"] for 15 seconds and this will gain you 3/4 of a credit for your own websites or programs. Your signups also gain you 1/4 credit each time they view one!. This is very easy to do, very straightforward and just a few can gain you allot of advertising.

You gain real cash by viewing sites [by randomly surfing onto a 30 second site] and your signups gain you cash every time they view them! The 30 second sites will pay you 3/4 a cent EACH for viewing it. Your signups gain you 1/4 cent each time they view one = unlimited cash!  There is no limit on how many member sites you can view

Learn more and join: Click Get Paid


Micro E-Mail Ads (8091 members and growing)

This is a totally new way of having email advertising, getting traffic through a “traffic exchange” and making the bucks $$’s without so much time consuming effort.

  • You only receive 1-4 emails a day (not 100′s!) and you only need to click ONE EMAIL AD = WOW!
  • Using Micro Email ad technique, cut OUT the email ad load.
  • Get unlimited visitors
  • No “surf ratio’s”
  • No “credit” assigning
  • No limit on Traffic
  • Not a time consuming task
  • Make a ton of cash telling others

Learn more and join: Micro Email Ads


Winners Grid (2374 members and growing)

Winners Grid is brand new having launched in the Fall of 2010. Winners Grid is a unique, honest and effective advertising program that you can make money with.

You fill in the blocks on the grid by sending hits, getting referrals or by referring upgrades. All you do is just fill in any row on the grid (up or down) and you’ll
receive free advertising on every page (into the 1000′s) and all visitors will see your ads (into the 100,000′s!). When you fill in the grid, you will get a cash bonus,
and so will your sponsor.

Learn more and join: Winners Grid


Pau-U-List (6,283 members and growing since December 2009)

How do you get a free $27 upgraded membership – for lifetime of the site? Easy! We pay you for clicking ads by giving you a free upgrade. This is your upgrade and it is for the lifetime of the site. You will be able to email members and post your status comment to your friends once a day! You can also reply to theirs 12 tmes a day.

Learn more and join: Pay-U-List


Who is Maryanne Myers?

Maryanne is a talented PHP programer, HTML and Java Script coder, web designer, marketing and advertising expert. She has developed more than 30 safelist websites with 410,000+ responsive members who enjoy mailing to a targeted list. Everyone one of her sites offers her members unique ways to advertise their businesses, drive targeted website traffic, and make money.

Maryanne enjoys a loyal following of affiliate who actively promote her sites immediately upon launching resulting in thousands if members joining within the first few weeks.

  • Lizsworldprofit

    Thanks for this James I really enjoy Maryanne’s site Wondermailer

  • Faithmovesall

    ATTENTION: Maryanne Myers,

    I have tried for several months now to have my e-mail address completely removed
    from DirtCheapMailer.
    I have absolutely no interest in anything that this Site has to offer.

    Please remove: (faithmoves@@gmail:disqus .com) from your mailing list affectiive immediately.

    Signed, Charles Claybrooks

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